Naked self shot

Naked Rebecca plays with her camera at home

Rebecca may seem cute and innocent, but the naked self-shot videos she’s made are proof that she’s way naughtier than you think! Only 20 years old and 5’2″, Rebecca is a petite and perky blonde who really likes to show off her sexy body and perfect titties. She takes cameras everywhere and shoots videos whenever she gets the chance.

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Her best subject are those fantastic boobs! She shoots from her feet all the way up her body, so you can enjoy every inch of that scrumptious tight little body while she poses for us topless, in nothing but her underwear. Turning around, she shows off the most perfect ass you'll ever see, a hot little bubble butt that looks even hotter on her petite frame. And as hot as her strip tease videos like this are, she even does masturbation videos available exclusively to We Get Naked members. And really, who wouldn't want to watch this tiny naked blonde rubbing herself to a loud orgasm? Join today to see all of her videos, and much more!

Natalia naked in the bathroom

Hot blonde amateur masturbates in the bathroom

Natalia is a spunky little blonde amateur with a beautiful tight body and gorgeous long, blonde hair. She spends her free time shooting a ridiculous amount of amateur videos and candid pics of herself. She loves her new camera and has it with her nonstop, snapping photos of herself in sexy outfits when she’s out in public, and stripping down to photograph her nude body and more intimate situations when she’s at home.

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With her tiny tits, small waist, and perfect hips, Natalia is a sight to behold, and it’s even better to see her in action! The sample clip on this page shows her preparing for a night out, putting on her makeup while nude, following a request from one of the We Get Naked members. Join today to see all of the amateur girls on the site and make requests of your own for future girlfriend videos!

Malena Morgan masturbation self shot

Malena Morgan saves the world by masturbating her pussy

Malena Morgan is a hugely popular girl because of the sheer sexual aura she exudes. She is so hot and has such a beautiful face and incredible body that it’s hard to believe she’s real. She’s like a living naked doll that makes amateur videos and puts them on the internet. Oh but she is real…and it gets even better. What puts Malena above the rest is not only how hot she is. It’s the way she gets herself off. Malena masturbates like the world is about to explode and she has to have an orgasm to stop it from being destroyed. And goddammit she’s going to do it…and it’s going to be good…really good. When she has an orgasm, it takes control of her body – like in a really intense way that she can’t control. It’s like she’s possessed by cum for a few seconds as her body convulses with orgasmic pleasure. So very, very hot!!

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In this particular video, she is dripping with sexuality as she goes to town on her pussy. Then comes the best part. When she cums, she puts the camera right up to her pussy for a smashing closeup and you can actually see it throbbing as she says “Look, you can tell I just came”. OMG!! It’s one of the most tender moments on and a must-see for Malena Morgan fans or any fans of girls that masturbate like it’s the end of the world.

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Girls Gone Wild Golf – Naked shenanigans on the course!

Check out this EXCLUSIVE video on! Cassandra, Ashley and Pepper are out for a day of naughty mischief at the miniature golf course. While they try to play the game, their naughty sides take over and soon they’re lifting their shirts and exposing their asses – all in the name of fun! Pepper seems to hate golf and wants to play around instead – she’s walking around with her ass hanging out, sitting on the fence with her panties exposed – flashing her titties… she’s almost naked at one point! Cassandra is no better… She’s pretending to suck the golf club like it’s a big dick – and she looks like she wishes it was one. Ashley tries to play it straight but she gets sucked in too, flashing her tits and going crazy with the other two.

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Elle Alexandra has super tiny tits and loves to masturbate

Elle Alexandra is an amazingly sexy redhead amateur that has the tiniest titties ever, and they’re smoking hot! Her body is thin and tight – just like an 18 year old body should be… Elle likes to play with the camera when she shoots herself, teasing us first but then letting us have it all.

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In this clip, her boyfriend is shooting the video. She starts immediately getting into it but then shy’s away like she was embarrassed at what she just did. But fear not, she gets right back into it and starts touching herself over her clothing. Her body is perfect and she is looking hot in those fuck me boots.

Naked Redhead with tiny tits

The only thing hotter than a redhead is an 18 year old redhead eager to let men all around the world enjoy her masturbation videos. Elle Alexandra is one such girl, a spunky ginger with a gorgeous face, tiny tits, a tight body and a gallery full of masturbation videos. She takes her camera in public, wearing tight jeans and tighter tops, and even flashing cleavage. But she knows what kind of girlfriend pictures you want, so when she gets home, the real fun begins. Elle Alexandra strips down completely, baring her tiny tits on her fittingly tiny body and groping her surprisingly round booty. She doesn’t stop there…Elle shows you all of her secrets inside!


Tiny petite naked blonde with surprisingly supple titties

Elaina is proof that good things come in small packages. This 20-year-old tiny petite blonde stands a mere 4’9″ in height, but she’s obviously not insecure of her diminutive stature and a little bit stacked in the boobie department. This lovely blonde cutie has the desire to take photos and HD videos of herself all the time, uploading them to the site for guys around the world to enjoy. In her sample video she pans the camera over herself to show off her new negligee, a sheer and lacy piece of lingerie that lets you see her nude body beneath. The naughty blonde then moves up onto the bed, sliding the garment up over her body to give you a better look at her shaved pussy, tiny waist, and perky little tits. Elaina would definitely love to show you more, so join today and you can see all of her self-shot videos, and much more!

Elaine and her naked blonde ass in the kitchen

Naked blonde Elaina candid in the kitchen


Public nudity at the car wash

Wild hotties Allie and Ava love to get dirty while they try to get clean in this sexy video on Just looking at these two naughty girls, you can just tell they are up to no good and loving every minute of it. Getting into hot mischief is one of their favorite pastimes and being naked in public is on the top of the list of fun things for these beautiful girls to do.

Public nudity car wash

Public nudity video - Flashing at the car wash

Figuring out how to put the money into the machine and work the coin operated hose was only the beginning! These girls are having a blast spraying the car and flashing their titties and asses to each other and the camera. Boy did these two put on a show! The other car wash patrons were peeking from behind their cars to see what on earth was going on! The men working at the car wash have never seen such wild times and nudity at work.

Public nudity video - Flashing at the car wash


Girlfriend flashes tiny tits in public coffee shop

Sara is a very naughty little blonde girl with the tiniest little tits! She went out for a coffee the other day and was having so much fun laughing with her friends that she flashes her boyfriend right at the most perfect moment when he took a pic of her. So in front of everybody in the coffee shop, Sara decided that she was going to bust out her tits in public and show everybody in the room!

Girlfriend flashes tits in public

Girlfriend flashes tiny tits in public coffee shop

You can imagine how happy most of the guys were….and probably somewhat turned on given that she has an incredible body and looks absolutely stunning naked. Some guy was even trying to take videos with his girlfriend standing right there! I wonder what she was thinking about the situation? Probably wasn’t a very fun conversation for him right after that wonderful public display of naked.

Sara also does a lot more things that might be considered more than a little bit risque… like shooting naked videos of herself and sending them in for the whole world to see. She’s a sweet and shy girl but can really loosen up when she’s in front of the camera. It turns her on to be desired so much by all those guys.

If you like Sara as much as we do you can see her doing much naughtier things inside! She makes fun videos of her everyday life, with many sexy interludes of naughty naked video action. She even has some masturbating videos that she shot herself. You will love the way she rubs her little pussy. She truly is a real girlfriend with the cutest smile and tiniest little titties ever. Be sure to check her and all of her friends out in the sexy scenarios they get themselves into.


Public nudity at the beach with three perfect asses

Public nudity! These 3 wild girls are having fun in the sun and getting lots of attention at the beach. Being naked in public turns these sexy young ladies on and they’re just waiting for someone to pass by so they can show off their hot bodies! Unsuspecting beach-goers beware!

Hot girlfriends with perfect asses at the beach

HOT girls are on the beach ready to get naked just for you! With these three, the talk always turns dirty! They usually end up disclosing their innermost secret desires… Of course we’re talking about sex! Doggy style is Zoey’s favorite position, Jenna likes her sex in every way possible and Tiffany likes it missionary style…like a good girl. These horny girls just can’t seem to get enough.
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Sexy girls flashing titties in public

Like a lightning rod, guys are constantly wandering by, trying to get a closer look at the three beauties and their perfect bodies. Some of them are even lucky enough to take their picture. These naughty girls have it all! Deliciously smooth skin… firm, long, sinfully sexy legs… a ridiculously hard and flat tummy…. and a nice round, firm, juicy ass. Not to mention the amazingly award-winning pair of all natural titties… Phenomenal looking ladies!


Hayden masturbates in this sexy nude video clip

This 20 year old blonde cutie is Hayden, she’s new on the site but couldn’t wait to send in hot naked videos of herself. She took lots of candid shots to start, pics of her putting on makeup in her underwear, posing in low-cut tops, and other semi-racy pics you might expect on a social networking site. But she also makes videos… and they are some very erotic videos. She loves to take things even further, like in this sample video, stripping nude for guys on the site and even filming herself masturbate in a hot nude video – See the full clip right here!

Nude video of Hayden masturbating

She strips down fully nude, spreading her sexy legs to show you her smooth, shaved pussy, before rubbing it and masturbating for the camera!

Her body is so smooth and sexy and her faint Southern accent just makes her the perfect naked girl next door…so innocent and naughty all at the same time.

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