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Chanel is a naughty nude amateur brunette who’s too good to be true, and her extremely cute southern accent only adds to her hotness in this sample clip. She sets her camera down to film herself while she strips out of her outfit, teasing you with her long, sexy legs. When she sits back down, you see she’s wearing nothing at all, leaving her hot tits and pussy completely bared to view and just begging to be touched.

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Her hands roam over her hot body, groping her breasts and her pussy as she thinks about what she’s going to do to herself next. Chanel has plenty of admirers and she even shoots some videos by request, whether she’s posing in front of the mirror in some cute outfit or sitting back and masturbating while the camera films every second. Join today to become Chanel’s friend and access all of her self-shot videos, and enjoy all the other We Get Naked girls as well!



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It is a beautiful day and Zoe has nothing to do with herself but show off her little tiny titties! This sexy nude amateur is home alone today and she has decided to enjoy herself by shooting some nude video clips and putting them on the internet!

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She can’t help feeling sexy when she watches adult videos and it gets her VERY worked up! She loves when guys check her out (especially when it’s not her boyfriend!) and it’s no secret that she likes to make naughty nude videos when she’s home alone… and she’s home alone all the time. She even lets her boyfriend film her masturbating sometimes. Those videos and the rest of this set can be found only at We Get Naked.


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Amateur girlfriend Chloe just had a long day of shopping with her sexy friends and decided to take some time out to show off her hot naked body. She’s in the bathroom with her cellphone fully nude and shoots a few pics of herself… but that isn’t enough. Chloe is very horny today and wants to masturbate – at least she’s already naked.

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Switching her phone to video, she starts to record herself rubbing her hands up and down her cute little body. She get turned on even more and starts to rub her pussy. This is where things really start to get interesting. She holds the camera up close to her throbbing naked pussy and occasionally brings it up to her face to show us the pure pleasure she is experiencing. This girl knows what gets her off and she is using every trick she knows to help out. She soon becomes overwhelmed with orgasm as she climaxes and smiles at the camera. Job well done!


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Hi, we’re out here getting naked….you know, for Science. Meet Cassandra and Ashley – two sexy girlfriends with a knack for coming up with hot ideas and turning them into wild naked videos. They’ve decided to have a girls day out at the Botanical Gardens so they can shoot some nude clips for us… What luck – we just happen to be dying to see that!

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Huge, trendy sunglasses firmly in place, these two knockouts infiltrate the Botanical Gardens in the student center and create their own brand of sexy nude mischief… How boring…right? Getting a little creative with nature, these two exhibitionists are no strangers to baring it all for the world to see and they are excited to do it for us. Boobies popping out, asses flying around, naked hide and seek – there is never a dull moment with these two girls. These naked Science students have indeed gone wild!


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Gorgeous Ashli has a very strong sexual appetite and likes to masturbate whenever she gets the chance. She would prefer to get laid, but that’s not happening at the moment so she’s either getting naked and showing her hot body to complete strangers or masturbating at home and making hot and wild videos of it. She does both on a regular basis so getting naked at the mere suggestion of it is no big deal to her. She loves it!

She even likes to make goofy and fun videos that are a blast to watch! You can even see her going shopping and trying on clothes in the changing room. In that video she loses her car after she’s done shopping…hilarity ensues.

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Alyssa and Lexi hang out all the time and they love recording every minute of it! They spend a lot of time hiking, going out to dinner, playing at the park and doing all kinds of other fun things sexy girls like to do. But the difference with these two is that they love to do it naked in public! Hotties like this deserve proper attention and they certainly get it.

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These girls love taking long hikes up into the hills and flashing their hot perfect boobs┬áto other hikers. They also get their kicks talking dirty about some of their sexual experiences – Like Alyssa’s story of how she tried to have sex with a guy with a huge cock and no matter how hard they tried it just wouldn’t go in! Wouldn’t you love to see that video? Well you can! It’s all here at We Get Naked.

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