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Malena Morgan masturbation self shot

Malena Morgan saves the world by masturbating her pussy

Malena Morgan is a hugely popular girl because of the sheer sexual aura she exudes. She is so hot and has such a beautiful face and incredible body that it’s hard to believe she’s real. She’s like a living naked doll that makes amateur videos and puts them on the internet. Oh but she is real…and it gets even better. What puts Malena above the rest is not only how hot she is. It’s the way she gets herself off. Malena masturbates like the world is about to explode and she has to have an orgasm to stop it from being destroyed. And goddammit she’s going to do it…and it’s going to be good…really good. When she has an orgasm, it takes control of her body – like in a really intense way that she can’t control. It’s like she’s possessed by cum for a few seconds as her body convulses with orgasmic pleasure. So very, very hot!!

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In this particular video, she is dripping with sexuality as she goes to town on her pussy. Then comes the best part. When she cums, she puts the camera right up to her pussy for a smashing closeup and you can actually see it throbbing as she says “Look, you can tell I just came”. OMG!! It’s one of the most tender moments on WeGetNaked.com and a must-see for Malena Morgan fans or any fans of girls that masturbate like it’s the end of the world.

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